Bespoke Handmade Garden Bars
Why not add value to your home whilst creating an outdoor space to entertain your friends and family with your own handmade bespoke garden bar.

If you are looking for a unique and alternative way to entertain guests in your home, a bespoke Garden Room Bar created by DDP Construction, installed in your own unused garden space, is a fantastic way to achieve that!

You don’t see many home garden bars on many properties, so it’s this bespoke idea that will provide an immediate fascinating talking point whenever guests come into your home, whilst also providing a nice focal point for the design of the garden. We have created bespoke garden bars for customers throughout Cumbria including Wigton, Brampton, Wetheral and into the South West of Scotland including Gretna and Dumfries.

All our garden bars / rooms are handmade and created specifically to meet your requirements. We can use a variety of different materials and designs to fit your garden shape and size. You just ask and we will deliver!


One of our many bespoke Garden Bars built for a customer after Lockdown:

This customer wanted a classy bespoke garden bar built in their garden to replace an old outdated shed. Who needs to go to the pub when you can enjoy the pub on your door step!

Another bespoke garden bar project from start to finish:

Terrace Bar Project:

A customers downstairs bathroom roof, transformed into their very own roof top bar. Whilst we were there, we laid some new flag stones and built two wooden benches for them,  giving it a complete modern new look. 

Another Garden Bar Project: