Skimming Carlisle

Looking for a Plasterer in Carlisle? DDP Contractors in Carlisle offer a plastering service that is second to none, your leading plasterer Carlisle. Based in Carlisle, Cumbria our experienced and qualified plasterers are skilled in all aspects of plastering, enabling our customers to truly benefit from a professional plastering service.

Skimming is the term used when the finish top coat of plaster is applied to walls and ceilings that already have a base to apply it to. Here at DDP Carlisle we are specialists in skimming, along with all plastering work and have a wealth of experience ensuring the perfect job each time.

Skimming is just a thin layer of fine smooth plaster which is too thin and fragile to be applied directly to brick by itself. A base for the skim plaster to be applied to is therefore needed which can either be plasterboard, solid plaster or existing old plastered walls.

Once skim plaster is applied to a good solid base here at DDP, with our experience we can trowel it up to produce a beautiful strong, smooth and flawless finish that can just be painted to look stunning.


This is when a new coat of skim plaster is applied over existing plastered walls to give it a nice new smooth finish. It is generally used when the base is still very solid but the top coat of plaster is looking tired and beginning to flake off.

Skimming over plasterboard

Plasterboard is one of the bases used for the skim plaster to be applied to. It is the most commonly used one today and if done correctly can provide a very good base for skimming which produces beautiful straight walls that are not so easily achieved with a solid plastering base.

Wet plastering

Wet plastering means that the base is applied as wet plaster rather than dry plasterboard. It is also known as rough and skim, float and skim or solid plastering. 

The plaster skim coat is only as good as it’s foundations so it is important to ensure the base is good. A good plasterer will know how to check this and will carry out the correct preparation prior to skimming.  

Below are some examples of skimming work carried out by DDP Carlisle:

Please see below areas we cover for all your skimming needs:

Skimming Carlisle – Skimming Penrith – Skimming Workington – Skimming Keswick – Skimming Gretna – Skimming Whitehaven

We can accommodate all areas of Cumbria for skimming work, please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

So if you would like lovely smooth plastered walls and ceilings contact us here at DDP Carlisle and we will be happy to help.